Our integrity also concerns the security of your data

Products are only as good as their ability to protect your business and your data. We work hard to secure our solutions and systems, we are regularly audited by external providers. After all, what is more important than the security of your data?


You manage personal or sensitive data, you want to ensure that the data of your customers is protected? For a secure management and protection of your customers' data, we offer various solutions, including end-to-end encryption.

Certificate Pinning

All communications between our servers and your apps are encrypted. If necessary, we can also set up "Certificate Pinning" for an even higher level of security.

Data storage

We apply strict standards for data backup. According to your criteria, or your security charter, we can adapt to find the best solutions together.

GDPR, What else?

Our solutions comply with the strictest legal regulations on the protection of personal data. Our experts are also available to answer your questions or advise you on the subject.


L'Identity and Access Management, ou la Gestion des Identités d'Accès en français permet un contrôle efficace et sécurisé des utilisateurs et de leurs niveaux d'accès. Assurez-vous que les droits d'accès à vos outils sont conformes à votre politique de sécurité.

Hosted in Switzerland

Except for special needs, we host our services in Switzerland, guaranteeing you the best confidentiality and legislative stability for your data.