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L’intelligence collective est une force ! Remplis le formulaire et organisons ton prochain atelier. Captivants, interactifs, nos workshops vous permettent de libérer votre créativité afin de trouver de nouvelles idées.

Have a good time and strengthen team bonds

Friendly Friendly

It's simple, you don't see the time pass and you leave with a head full of ideas.

Involvement Involvement

Raise the awareness of different actors in your company to innovation.

Innovative Innovative

Find new ideas or opportunities for your business.

Our different workshops for companies

Discover the different workshops that can help you define your vision and generate innovative ideas.

icon workshop Vision


Align the minds of your team with a common vision.

icon workshop Persona


Identify your typical users, their expectations, requirements as well as their frustrations.

icon workshop Crazy 8

Crazy 8

In a limited time, generate many ideas to explore new possibilities.

icon workshop How Might We

How Might We

Find concrete solutions to your problem.

icon workshop Brand Deck

Brand Deck

Identify the values that match your brand or product to strengthen its identity and create a common vision.

icon workshop Design the Box

Design the Box

Materialize and define a common vision on a chosen subject (a product, a company, an idea,...).

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From 2 to 8 depending on the type of workshop and varying the type of profiles and departments involved or concerned.

We take care of everything, you don't have to prepare anything

We take care of everything, you don't have to prepare anything, the workshop takes place at our place or at yours, but in any case, we manage everything!

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