Workshops to concretize what is basically just an idea

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The time of unexciting and boring meetings is over!

Collaborative work sessions are proposed and facilitated to solve complex problems in a creative way. Often used to find innovative solutions they can also be used to encourage innovation.

Define a shared vision

Having a defined vision allows you to build a solid foundation for your strategy. Based on your knowledge and research we work together to create this structure in relation to your problematic but especially your target.

icon workshop Vision


Align the minds of your team with a common vision.

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icon workshop Persona


Identify your typical users, their expectations, requirements as well as their frustrations.

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icon workshop 5 whys

5 whys

Get to the root cause of a problem.

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icon workshop User Journey

User Journey

Assess the emotional state of your users when they use your product.

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icon workshop How Might We

How Might We

Find concrete solutions to your problem.

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Generate ideas

Unleash your most atypical ideas by thinking outside the box to make your products and services innovative and attractive.

icon workshop Crazy 8

Crazy 8

In a limited time, generate many ideas to explore new possibilities.

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icon workshop Buy me a feature

Buy me a feature

Initiate collective decision making to prioritize ideas.

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icon workshop Brand Name

Brand Name

Find a name for your product or brand.

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icon workshop Brand Deck

Brand Deck

Identify the values that match your brand or product to strengthen its identity and create a common vision.

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Validate your ideas

Bring your solutions to life and make sure you have the right idea. With the help of prototypes, your ideas come to life to help you project yourself.

icon workshop Design the Box

Design the Box

Materialize and define a common vision on a chosen subject (a product, a company, an idea,...).

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icon workshop Paper Prototype

Paper Prototype

Test and challenge your hypotheses with paper prototypes.

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icon workshop User testing

User testing

Have your prototype tested and get feedback from your target users.

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Contact us to book your very first workshop!

Let's get in touch so that we help you choose the right workshop for you. Our team will advise you and give you all the information you need.

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Do you have any questions? We have answers!

How many people should attend the workshops?

The ideal number of people depends on the workshop, your organization and your objectives, contact us and we can analyze together the conditions of a perfectly adapted workshop.

Where do the workshops take place?

We adapt to you, if you do not have a room available, we will welcome you in our creation space in our premises in Carouge.

What supplies should be prepared for the workshops?

Don't worry about anything! We take care of everything.

I don't know which workshop is right for my project, what should I do?

No need to panic! Contact our team and we will be able to advise you on the implementation of one or several workshops according to your objectives.

Are these workshops mandatory to design my new product?

No workshop is mandatory, but they are an opportunity to get out of the usual framework and often generate new ideas. For some, they even avoid making strategic mistakes at the birth of your project, which will be complicated and costly to repair later on.