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The ideal solution to offer a unique experience to your customers

Not only are they beautiful, but the web and mobile applications we design with our clients offer unique and innovative experiences. Whether it's mobile (native or hybrid) or web, it will be tailored to meet your needs.

iOS & iPadOS applications

iOS & iPadOS applications

With 13 years of experience on Apple platforms, iOS & iPadOS design and development is in the hands of experts. Give your end users a unique and powerful mobile or tablet solution they won't be able to live without. Our privileged relationship with the Cupertino teams positions us as the ideal partner for the design of your next mobile application!

Android apps

Android apps

Long considered the poor relation of the mobile application market, Android must be one of the pillars of your strategy today. With the user experience at the heart of our thoughts, our team of Android development experts is ready to take on any challenge. With a custom designed native mobile or tablet app, let's turn your ideas into a great product.

Web application or PWA

Web application or PWA

Halfway between a mobile app and a website, web applications, or progressive web app (PWA) offer a responsive solution that adapts to your users and their mobile habits. With a PWA, your app is accessible, without installation, quickly, and adapts to computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices!

Hybrid mobile app

Hybrid mobile app

Using frameworks such as React Native or Flutter, robust and high-performance hybrid mobile and tablet applications are designed. This alternative to native applications is perfect for certain types of projects, such as PoC (proof of concept). In all cases, we will advise you in order to offer you the best technology: the one that will fit your objectives.

How does it work in practice?

Our approach is adapted to your needs and objectives. With us you are assured of a solid partnership to design and develop your mobile application. Thanks to agile DevSecOps workflows, your application keeps evolving, improving and optimizing.

We use the most suitable technologies for your project

Each project is unique. That's why we advise you on the best technological choices that will bring robustness, stability and durability.

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We are committed to designing the most environmentally friendly and socially and economically responsible solutions.

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Responsible applications

All our activities are environmentally friendly. This is made possible by our efforts, our energy compensation and the optimization of the consumption of our IT infrastructure.

The fascinating products we've created with our clients

Discover how we thought, designed, developed and evolved great web and mobile applications. All this, hand in hand with our clients.

Do you have any questions? We have answers!

What is the difference between a Hybrid app and a Native app?

A Hybrid app is an app that shares the same source code for the App Store and Google Play. You can still have adaptations for some features specific to each OS for example. 

A Native app is an app that is developed for a particular OS. So if you want your mobile app to be available on Android and iOS, you need to have two apps developed. To learn more, we wrote an article on the subject: Native or hybrid app, what should you choose for your mobile application?

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app or a web app?

Giving you an average price or a range is, in our opinion, of little interest, we explain in detail why in our blog post Pricing: a balance between cost, quality and time. Your project is unique, its cost will be too! The easiest way is to contact us, tell us a little more about the mobile app you want to develop and we can give you a customized estimate.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

Like the rates, the development time will depend on the complexity of your project. We count between 3 to 9 months to get a first version of your app. If you have a blog post on the subject: How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

And the easiest way is to call us to talk about it 😃 !

I haven't finished my business plan yet, where should I start?

Go to our Workshops page, we have a multitude of proposals to help you clarify your ideas and move forward serenely in the birth of your project.

Where are the apps you develop made?

Our mobile apps are 100% made in Switzerland! All our experts are here, in Geneva !

I have an idea, but before I tell you about it, do you sign a NOA?

We include a confidentiality clause in all the contracts we sign with our clients and partners.

How long does the validation process take at Apple and Google?

At Apple, the validation process takes at least 3 days. At Google for Android, count 7 days for the first validation, then 2 days for the following validations.