By thinking differently you can become a reference.


Atipik is neither an agency, nor a traditional development company, nor yet another IT consulting firm. For 11 years, we have been designing and building digital products for ourselves and our clients.

Web or mobile applications, business or consumer solutions, for startups or big companies, our solutions are unique, made for a single client. They fit the need like a wetsuit.

To date, the design and launch of more than 150 mobile applications and 60 web platforms (portal, website and web application) used by millions of users around the world has allowed our teams to acquire unparalleled experience in many technological sectors.

Agile by nature, sincere by essence, ingenious by definition, and local by principle, our talented team speaks their mind and acts on it, without compromise, yes we do!

Like any good product studio, we design our own solutions and services in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, smart cities and real estate. For us, digitalization is a chance to make a difference, not to follow a trend. Therefore, we are not afraid to do things differently as long as we have a positive impact.

Our commandments

They are telling many things about us in few words.


Hand in hand your client you shall accompany



On time you shall deliver and the budget you shall respect


The user experience you will worship



At the cutting edge of technology you will be



You shall embody sincerity and transparency



With love you will code and in review your code will pass



In socks at the office you will walk and relaxed you will be



The fondue you will like



Your carbon footprint you shall limit



By bike or kick scooter you will get around


Our team

Unity is strength! Here is a variety of unusual profiles, geeks, creatives, jokers, but above all a bunch of humans who work in harmony to conceive your ideas.

Simon's picture
Associate · Technical Director
Lord of All Things Technical 👑
Sébastien's picture
Software Engineer · Mobile
Code Trailer 🥾
Sebastian's picture
Software Engineer · Web
Cyclo-Fullstack 🚴🏻
Xavier's picture
Products & Projects manager
The Tech Explorer 🧭
David's picture
Associate · Senior Software Engineer
Code brewer 🍺
Stefan's picture
Designer UX/I
Pixel tamer 👾
Damien's picture
Software Engineer · Web
Circuit creator 🤖
Lucas's picture
Lead Software Engineer · Web
Master Linter 📐
Rémi's picture
Software Engineer · Mobile
Successful TikTokeur 😉
Jérémy's picture
Software Engineer · Web
Coding Jedi Knight ⭐
Alex's picture
Software Engineer . Web
Rubik's Developer 💠
Yann's picture
Software Engineer · Web
Crypto-guy 🚀
Rémi's picture
Software Engineer · Web
Al Dente Developer 👨‍🍳
Xavier's picture
UX/I Designer & Business Analyst
Snapshot Designer 📸
Yannick's picture
Associate · CEO
Atipik's Dad 👴
Célia's picture
Products & Projects manager
Digital orchestra conductor 🎼
Antoine's picture
Software Engineer · Mobile
Mr. Walter White Android 🧪
Claire's picture
Digital Marketing Manager · CHO
Captain of Multitasking 👌🏻
Vincent's picture
CFO & Human resource
Money keeper 💰
Priscille's picture
Designer UX/I
Retro Girl 🕹
Clara's picture
Products & Projects manager
The iron hand in a velvet glove 🧘‍♀️