Culture Published on the 2nd November 2021

Meet Rémi, iOS Developer at Atipik

Here is the interview with Rémi, part of the Atipik developer team, to continue the series of presentations of the talents that make your ideas come true! Discover the work of a mobile developer, iOS specialist, his challenges and his tips to stay motivated every day.

Meet Rémi, iOS Developer at Atipik

What is your expertise as an iOS Developer?

As an iOS developer, I have to create and improve applications available on Apple environments, mainly on their iOS mobile platform.

It's about implementing and interconnecting the different layers that usually make up an application: the interface, the business logic and the interactions with the back-end.

To do this, you need to have a good knowledge of the different iOS frameworks, development languages, and architectural principles. All of them evolve over time, it is fundamental to keep up to date to produce quality applications with a "state of the art" structure.

Finally, it is important to know and like working in a team. Good cohesion and organization are crucial for the smooth running of projects.

What is your main challenge from day to day?

For me, it's always about keeping a high quality level, both in the final rendering of the project, and in its composition, no matter the circumstances.

When you work on different projects, which have a different interface, architecture or language, you can quickly face many challenges. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the team must be cohesive, respect the processes and be well organized. When a development is urgent, it is essential to process it quickly, but without neglecting the quality of the code or the tests. Communication within the team, mutual aid and validation (via the code review in particular) are key points.


What motivates you on a daily basis?

Motivation as an iOS developer at Atipik comes from several factors.

First of all, I think about the diversity of inspiring projects I've worked on. From geolocation of construction projects, to the creation of a new social network, to machine learning, to the management of complex embedded databases. Being able to alternate between internal projects and development for clients is a great asset.

I'm also thinking about the languages, architectures and tools that are constantly evolving, which push us to renew our way of doing and thinking. In particular Swift, which is a very powerful modern and secure programming language, combined with the declarative interface framework SwiftUI, makes for something magical.

Finally, how can we not mention the Atipik team! A great bunch of humans, who put you in a good mood and help you progress every day.

What is Atipikal about you?

Having lived in Lyon for a long time, I fell in love with their soccer team, and I often go back and forth on weekends or evenings after work from Geneva to support OL in the Kop, singing along with various songs for 90 minutes to help them win. I also followed them on some of their games during their European cup runs, carrying the fervor away.

🎶 Toute l'Europe je traverserai, l’OL avec toi, toujours je serai 🎶 (All of Europe I will cross, OL with you, always I will be).


Software Engineer · Mobile

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