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COVID-19 Drive-in Test

Complete COVID-19 test appointment management solution

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Radio Télévision Suisse

A tailor-made website for the Swiss TV & radio sponsorship specialist

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Creating visuals with Artificial Intelligence. That’s Art(ificial) Intelligence!

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Reactive programming & web frameworks

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République et canton de Genève

Secure QR pass solution for UNIGE and HES-SO Geneva student meals

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VINCI Airports

Vinci uses facial recognition to bring the world's first biometric assistant to life

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Perceptual organization in design

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You are not your user. Your user is not the designer.

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Digital transformation

Customized multiplatform digital solution for the digitization of olfactory evaluations

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Our technology expertise

We work with the best tools and most proven languages in the development world.

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Between them and us, it matched instantly.

We like long-lasting stories, we make sure to bring maximum value in the exchanges we have with our partners. This is how we help them build the world of tomorrow, on a solid and sincere foundation that can be seen simply by the number of years they have trusted us.

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Their words mean a lot

Because it's important to give them a voice, here are the few words our clients have chosen to describe our projects. We share with you the behind-the-scenes stories of our close collaborations, from the excitement of seeing the mobile apps or websites come out to the satisfaction of the successful launches.

Icon of Déborah P.'s company

Déborah P.

Sponsoring Communication Manager

The collaboration with Atipik on this national project was fruitful. The team listened to our expectations and was sensitive to regional requirements, and was able to meet the specifications with fluidity and respect for deadlines.

Icon of Omar B.'s company

Omar B.

Project Manager, Université de Genève

From the very first discussions with the Atipik team we knew that our project was in good hands. The various meetings organized at the beginning of the collaboration allowed us to identify needs or features that we would never have thought of! Today we are proud to see that our students use and appreciate the mobile app every day!

Icon of Alix B.'s company

Alix B.

Director and member of the Management Board, Pilet & Renaud SA

For several years now, the Atipik teams have been working with us to accelerate the digital transformation of the agency. We are fortunate to have a trusted digital partner with whom we share common values and this is reflected in the quality of their work. It is a pleasure to be accompanied by experts who share their passions with you.

Icon of César C.'s company

César C.

Innovation & Digital Project Director, Lyon Aéroport / VINCI Airports

Even before launching the project, we knew that the collaboration with our partner was going to have to be intense, close and efficient, especially because of the pandemic context and the complexity of the project. From the very beginning, our project team felt confident in the seriousness and ideas provided by Atipik's team, which allowed us to be efficient throughout the initial development of the MONA service on our mobile app. We are still working with them today to enrich and develop the service on the same basis.

Icon of Jacques E.'s company

Jacques E.

Web and mobile communication department, Université de Genève

The open-mindedness, flexibility and above all the transparency of Atipik's staff was a fabulous asset for us. The university environment loves to challenge, so I can tell you that with Atipik, we have been spoiled.

Icon of Nicolas L.'s company

Nicolas L.

Operational Director of Communication, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois

The work done by the Atipik teams has greatly exceeded our expectations! Their ability to react quickly and to suggest ideas and improvements throughout the project allowed us to launch the mobile app on time.

Icon of Olivier R.'s company

Olivier R.

CEO, Rondo

I had been wanting to provide a digital solution to my customers for a while. Our products are numerous and specific, to be able to filter with precise criteria and find THE product that corresponds, it's simply magnificent. The result is beautiful, functional and easy to maintain for the Rondo team!

Icon of Laure V.'s company

Laure V.

Digital marketing manager, Genève Aéroport

The GVApp Apple Watch project was ambitious and a big first for us, as well as for Atipik, since it was an app that was intended for a connected watch that did not yet exist. Today, the app is still used and appreciated by travelers. Atipik has - once again - met the needs of our passengers with a quality app.

Icon of Michalis G.'s company

Michalis G.

Product Manager, Mobilidée

Atipik, as their name suggests, is not just another agency. They don't just deliver code. They put themselves in your shoes, in the shoes of your users, to create the best possible version of your mobile app.

Icon of Delphine B.'s company

Delphine B.

System and Organization Director

We reached out to Atipik in an urgent situation. Within a few hours, our app was up and running again. A big thank you to the whole team for their efficiency in solving our problem in record time!

Icon of Paul S.'s company

Paul S.

Paul S., partner

We chose Atipik for the complete development of an app. This was achieved with a good understanding of our needs and an excellent follow-up throughout the development. Atipik is a real force of proposal and creativity!

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To be seriously innovative

Innovation is the fusion of ideas, technology and courage. Our choices are always the result of a thorough analysis that ensures the sustainability of projects. Our development processes based on a DevOps model, guarantee maximum quality and performance.


To be infinitely authentic

We don't just make sales pitches, we do what we say and say what we mean, because transparency and trust are the foundation of great projects.


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