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Dès septembre 2020



IMMOTEP est la seule application mobile de consultation en temps réel des évolution de l’urbanisation de votre ville. Elle rend les demandes d’autorisations transparentes et totalement accessibles, vous permettant ainsi de rester au courant et de réagir rapidement en cas de besoin.

September 2020

MONA by Vinci Airports


Atipik signs the world's first mobile travel companion based on facial recognition. A biometric journey from home to the plane, accompanied by an intelligent and contextual companion to simplify the life of passengers around the world.

Dès 2020

Musée International de la Réforme


Atipik participe à la modernisation et à la numérisation de la culture avec la création d’un recueil intéractif pour le Musée International de la Réforme à Genève. Les visiteurs du MIR peuvent via cette application, feuilleter les pages d’un ouvrage historique datant du XVIème siècle, découvrir les origines du recueil ou encore écouter l’interview d’un spécialiste.

Dès février 2020

Centenaire de l'aéroport de Genève


Atipik allie tradition et réalité augmentée dans un ouvrage dédié au centenaire de l'aéroport de Genève. Via l'application Genève Aéroport, il est possible de scanner une vingtaine d'images au sein de l'ouvrage signalé par le symbole "Play". Atipik propose ainsi une expérience immersive où chacun pourra plonger dans l'histoire de l'aéroport.

Dès décembre 2019

Chez Moi


Atipik imagine, conçoit et réalise le premier portail locataire cross-plateforme. Pilet & Renaud est ainsi la première régie Genevoise à se doter d'un portail locataire disponible sur le web et sur mobile, entièrement développé sur mesure. Notifications en temps réel, paiement des factures en ligne, détails des contrats et demande d'assistance, le tout via une interface fluide, minimaliste et extrêmement efficace.

Dès novembre 2019

UNIGE Horaires


Atipik signe le nouvel outil de gestion des horaires de cours pour les étudiants de la Faculté de Médecine de l'Université de Genève. Fer de lance du projet de digitalisation de la vie étudiante, cet outil est en ce moment adapté pour toutes les autres facultés qui comprennent près de 17'000 étudiants.

Dès avril 2019



Atipik is proud of the release of the new version of the fairpark application. This application, available on the web and mobile, makes it possible to optimise the use of company and public authority car parks, facilitate company travel and carpooling and book offices or lockers.

August 2018

La Revue


Registered as a Swiss Intangible Cultural Heritage Site since 2017, the first performance took place in 1892 and has been held for 120 years in the same building, the Casino Théâtre. This year, it is relying on our teams to design and manage its digital tools.

September 2017



Application of consumer tests specialized in perfumery and flavors. Developed for the web and mobile platforms (iOS & Android), it helps to understand why consumers care about a brand, their state of mind, their mood, their motivation, their desires and aspirations. IRIS is used by dozens of agencies worldwide.

September 2017

Pilet & Renaud & Atipik build the future


The Geneva real estate agency Pilet & Renaud has chosen Atipik to support it in its digital transformation. Our respective know-how is put in common to think and ensure the implementation of a lean, agile and user-oriented strategy. First successful step with the launch of the new website.

September 2017


A unique holistic approach that offers healthy and incredibly beautiful cuisine as well as activities that stimulate the body and mind naturally. A welcoming and stylish atmospheric decor. That's Alive. One of our many 2017 projects to discover now.

March 2017

Lyon Airport


After a public call for tenders, Atipik wins Lyon Airport's trust in the design of its mobile applications. Lyon Airport, which is the fourth largest airport in France, now offers a mobile, innovative and modern tool to its 9.5 million passengers.

November 2016

The University of Geneva trusts Atipik


The University of Geneva has a powerful and thoughtful mobile application for the future. Designed for 16,000 students and 4,000 employees, this application provides practical and fast tools to answer the problems specific to this establishment ranked among the 60 best universities in the world.

October 2016

International Rescue Committee


Atipik supports the International Rescue Committee in the design and adoption of new tools and technologies to gain mobility where it is needed most: in the field. Discover our case study below.

September 2016

Atipik signs Urgences Vaud


Atipik designs the mobile app Urgences Vaud, mandated by the University Hospitals (CHUV) and the Department of Health and Social Action of the canton of Vaud.

November 2015

A different perspective on architecture in Geneva


GVARCHI offers a unique guided tour of contemporary architecture and engineering in Geneva: an interactive and innovative experience with interviews of authors, photos and plans on more than 50 sites selected by the Maison de l'Architecture, as well as 12 major ongoing projects of the State of Geneva.

April 15

Atipik presents the first Apple Watch app from Switzerland


From April 24th, discover a new way of traveling with GVApp optimized for the Apple Watch. Find the best of the official app on your wrist: real-time flight tracking, advanced notifications, weather and parking conditions.

Available for free for all owners of the Apple Watch.


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