Our commitment to the environment is not just smoke and mirrors

Deeply attached to the future of our planet and to the idea of leaving the world in a better state than we found it, we commit ourselves and share publicly our actions in order to demonstrate that it is possible to grow in a responsible way and to invite our partners to do the same. Working at Atipik means committing to each of the points in our policy and working every day to live with less waste.

100% Green energy

All the necessary energy for our activities and technicals infrastructures is produced in Geneva by nearly 2,500 solar installations and three hydraulic power plants. Our energy is labelled naturemade star, which guarantees the origin of the energy and the quality of its production according to the most demanding criteria in Europe.

Responsible data centers

All the servers used to host and run our products and our customers' products are hosted in Swiss data centers with the best energy efficiency indicators in the world.

Reducing our consumption

We monitor and work to reduce our energy consumption every month. Our computer park is regularly renewed for machines that consume less electricity. The oldest ones are either resold or recycled.

Compensation of CO2 emissions

In 2021, we emitted 48.7 tons of CO2. We offset 200% (98 tons) of our emissions in climate protection projects in Switzerland and in emerging and developing countries.

2021 Figures

Atipik Ecologie stats 2021
40 Tons

of compensated CO2

2 Kg

of consumed paper

88 %

of soft mobility

Limit business travel

Nearly 95% of our clients are within 20km of our offices. Our short distance travel is done by bicycle, public transport or electric car. For long distances we take the train, and if we have to fly, the CO2 emissions are fully compensated.

Favor public transport or soft mobility

We encourage our employees to use low fossil fuel consumption means of transportation. To this end, we offer our employees a public transport pass or a bonus for the purchase of a bicycle or electric bike.

Waste sorting and recycling

Our offices are equipped with sorting garbage cans for aluminum, paper, glass and PET. We are working to reduce our waste through simple gestures such as preferring tap water to bottled water. For sweet drinks and fruit juices, we use a specialized retailer who only supplies us with returnable glass bottles.

Going Paperless

In 2015 we began a policy aimed at 100% paperless administration. This policy has resulted in a reduction in paper consumption of over 60% between 2015 and 2017. Since 2021, we have been consuming only one kilo of recycled paper per year and we continue our efforts in this direction with the addition of new digital-only tools.

Office management

The environmental issue is present at all levels of our company's organization. Disposable dishes are prohibited, cleaning products are ecological, bottled water is replaced by tap water.

Favor recycled products

The paper used for the operations is from sustainably managed forests and recycled paper. All of our marketing goodies are made from 100% recycled materials.

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