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Your digital transformation with a custom enterprise application

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It's time for your apps to be designed specifically for your teams and customers

Every company has its own way of working, so you can stand out. Your company and your teams deserve tools that fit your processes. Fully integrated with your information system, a business application helps accelerate digital transformation and optimize processes.



Give your employees the ability to use your enterprise application anywhere, anytime, connected or disconnected and quickly with a mobile solution. Optimize repetitive processes or replace obsolete solutions with a custom web application that will truly simplify your employees' daily lives.



We work hand in hand with your teams to integrate your new enterprise application into your information system. With the goal of not adding additional complexity to your systems and allowing you to share the new data generated in the application with your existing systems.

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

We help you to implement and optimize this rights management, all in order to guarantee the security of your data and those of your users. The IAM, (Identity and Access Management) allows the management of access and users to your information system.

API Management

API Management

Our expert teams integrate your tools during the development of your app. In order to have a smooth and optimal experience, your business application must integrate with the other tools and software you use. This is to allow other applications to consume the data generated in your new business app.

Disruptive Technologies

Stay ahead of the curve by staying innovative and investing in the promising technologies of tomorrow.
Virtual reality and augmented reality
are invading the professional world.

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The know-how to create your enterprise application

With your goals and expectations as a starting point, let's build a solid partnership. Our agile DevSecOps methodologies allow us to design a complete digital solution tailored to your business that moreover will be able to evolve alongside you continuously.

Strategy & Need Harvesting

We start from your objectives in order to validate the initial idea and lay a solid foundation that will allow for optimal efficiency for the rest of the project.

User Experience

With the needs of your end users in mind, we propose custom prototypes that will allow you to dive into the heart of your future product. Offer a unique experience to your collaborators.

Interface design

Your application deserves to be the most beautiful. We design user interfaces that fit your brand. Typography, colors, we give high importance to all the elements of your interface.


Throughout the development phases, your team works hand in hand with our engineers. Frequent deliveries and demonstrations of your product allow you to test the functionality of your application as early as possible.

Quality Control & Testing

Stability and quality are paramount to us. Human and automated testing are part of our strategies. Your application is then put to the test! This step is crucial and allows you to offer your end users a seamless experience.


The security of your users’ data, as well as your company’s, is a priority for you, as it is for us. DevSecOps best practices are applied during the development phases. Delivering secure apps is not an option, we can also test your existing apps for vulnerabilities and implement corrective updates.

Support & Evolution

A digital product evolves over time, it is bound to change and grow. Our approach allows a continuous evolution of your product based on your objectives. For maintenance, we propose different strategies and tools to guarantee the performance of your application on the short, medium and long term.

We use the most suitable technologies for your project

Each project is unique. That's why we advise you on the best technological choices that will bring robustness, stability and durability.

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We are committed to designing the most environmentally friendly and socially and economically responsible solutions.

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Durable apps

All our activities are environmentally friendly. This is made possible by our efforts, our energy compensation and the optimization of the consumption of our IT infrastructure.

The fascinating products we've created with our clients

Discover how we thought, designed, developed and evolved great web and mobile applications. All hand in hand with our clients.

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Real estate agency digital transformation Pilet & Renaud
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Information management applicative ecosystem Data Governance
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Do you have any questions? We have answers!

What is an enterprise app?

Enterprise applications (EA) are software systems that perform operations specific to your business or processes. Enterprise apps can be solutions for accounting, finance, supply chain or production chain management, etc. The objective is to make the company evolve while simplifying the daily life of the collaborators and users of the app, while allowing a better management of the generated data.

Why develop a custom enterprise app?

Many tools are available today and offer you miracle solutions to simplify your accounting, your administrative tasks, your project management, etc. The problem with these platforms or apps is that you will have to adapt to the tool, and this can add complexity to internal processes, or add non-essential steps. By choosing to create an enterprise app from scratch, you ensure that the tool will fully adapt to your way of working and to your information system. 

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How much does it cost to develop a business app?

You will understand that without knowing what your project is and without having more information on the current state of your information system, it is complicated for us to give you a price range for a custom designed business app. The easiest way is to contact us, tell us about your needs and together we will find a solution that suits you!

Who can benefit from the development of a business app?

Absolutely any company, large or small. The goal is to help and support the digital transformation, which offers the opportunity to your employees to focus on the essential, their job, and not on the tools.

On which media can a business app be developed?

It depends on your goals, we work on absolutely any device, be it a phone, tablet, watch, virtual reality headset or TV.

What is a disruptive technology?

The term "disruptive technology" or "disruptive innovation" is used to designate technological innovations that disrupt the market and habits. 

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