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How to make a perfect cheese fondue, our tips and tricks!

At Atipik we are cheese fans, and the traditional fondue is eaten at lunchtime very regularly. So we're sharing our secrets with you to make your fondue a success, let's go!

How to make a perfect cheese fondue, our tips and tricks!

The famous Swiss fondue, the half and half fondue, or any other recipe you love to make a cheese fondue, it doesn't matter which one you prefer, as long as it's not a failure!

Atipik's tips for a successful fondue

If there is one object that brings people together at Atipik, it is our fondue pot 🫕. So after many, many fondues and convivial moments, here are our ultimate tips to never miss this iconic dish again.

The choice of ingredients and the right proportions

For the cheese, go for the classic half and half, Gruyère and Vacherin Fribourgeois, the best choice, the creaminess of the Vacherin combined with the saltiness of Gruyère 🤤.

Atipik's selection: the half and half Moléson 👍

For the wine, white of course, prefer a chasselas or a fendant, two names given to the same grape variety 🤷♂️.

Since we are talking about a successful fondue here, if you want to put all the chances on your side, opt for a cheese preparation that already contains the essential cornstarch also called Maïzena. This is to avoid dosage errors that could prove fatal and cause your fondue to separate or become cement-like.

Otherwise, use a scale as you would when baking to be sure of the quantity. Measuring by eye is all too often the cause of failed fondues.

Also, be careful with the wine dosage, which can also affect the final appearance and texture of your fondue. To be on the safe side, don't hesitate to use a measuring device and to scrupulously respect the quantities indicated on the packaging.

The material

Whether you use a traditional clay pot or a Teflon pot, the type of pot doesn't really matter, but the distribution of the heat underneath it can make a difference. To prevent the flame of your stove from burning your fondue in the center, you can use a heat distribution plate for stove, just essential! These plates are easily found in supermarkets, not far from the stove refills.

The preparation

Rub your fondue pot with a bit of garlic, and only put in pieces of garlic if everyone around the table is fond of it, otherwise you're sure to disappoint.

Although never mentioned on fondue packaging, wait until your white wine is boiling before putting in the cheese, this little detail can again make all the difference.

Once the cheese is incorporated, reduce the heat on your griddle slightly and stir, stir (yes from the verb to stir), making ⧝ or ∞'s, it doesn't matter, but don't stop under any circumstances.

Nothing atypical after all

Of course, the most fondue of us can always go for the most improbable recipes such as the Curry Pineapple Fondue, the Cervelat Fondue or the Aphrodisiac Lemon Ginger Fondue. For more ideas, you can refer to the best-seller "Haute fondue".

Okay, thanks for the tips, but I still can't do it

So we can only recommend a Bouébot, the first robot that learned to make half and half fondue 🤖.


Fondue, Covid friendly?

You should know that in these times of psychosis, pre-apocaliptic 💥, the risk of contamination with COVID-19 by sharing a fondue with guests would be negligible. It is therefore up to everyone to measure the risk and enjoy a good fondue whatever the context. Source 

The Geek Joke

What is a WiFi fondue ? ... a wireless fondue ... ...

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