logo COVID-19 Drive-in Test COVID-19 Drive-in Test Published on the 5th September 2021

Complete COVID-19 test appointment management solution

Let's go back in time to March 2020. The modern world is facing a pandemic on a global scale. Planes are grounded, borders are closing one after the other, each country is trying to get medical supplies. A real race against time in the face of the unknown is underway. It is in this context that m3 GROUPE contacts Atipik, to help them find the best digital solutions, necessary for one of their projects.

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Complete COVID-19 test appointment management solution

The Context

The reality is such that many countries are struggling to obtain medical equipment and supplies (masks, gowns, thermometers, gloves ...). The m3 group, chaired by Abdallah Chatila, will therefore import no less than 140 million masks as well as health equipment from China. The aim is to be able to provide this material to state authorities as well as to companies and individuals. However, the president of m3 GROUPE does not intend to stop there, another challenge has arisen with the pandemic: screening. Setting up screening centers quickly is very complicated in Geneva. The medical centers are overloaded, overwhelmed and the staff is under water. It was at this point that Abdallah Chatila decided to open rapid testing centers. As a major player in the Geneva real estate market, the locations to set up drive-in tests were quickly found. The equipment is there, the staff too, now the management of appointment booking must be possible both for the staff and for the patients.


Coping with an unstable environment

The biggest challenge we faced on this project was the unstable environment in which we had to operate. The pandemic situation did not make it easy for us or our client. In addition to facing the complete unknown, everything was changing from day to day! Health measures, medical information, regulations... EVERYTHING. This had a direct impact on the development of the project. The close collaboration with m3 was therefore essential for the project to evolve properly. Calls with the customer were organized every day and the changes on the apps followed the evolution of the screening process.


Be able to book and manage Drive-in Test COVID-19 appointments

In less than two weeks, we had to identify the need, find the best design and technological solutions, design and develop the whole thing! Despite the few specifications, the need was quickly and clearly identified: users must be able to book a slot in one of the three screening centers and generate a QR code. In addition, security needs to be able to verify the identity of users before allowing them access to the screening center. Health care staff must be able to scan the patient's QR code and generate a label for the samples.

In the end, three digital solutions were created to enable the COVID Drive-in Test to operate efficiently: an appointment scheduling platform, a mobile app for security guards, and a mobile app for nursing staff.

App Overview

Appointment booking platform

A web platform is available for the whole canton of Geneva in order to make it possible to book screening appointments. The user has the possibility to create an account and then see the available slots in the three centers (Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva Center and Meyrin). As soon as the appointment is booked, the user receives an informational email as well as a QR code that must be presented in order to access the Drive-in.

The mobile app for security agents

In order to verify the validity of appointments as well as the identity of individuals, security guards have access to a mobile app that allows them to scan QR codes. This allows users to be screened before they are redirected to the care staff.

The mobile app for healthcare workers

For the caregivers, the need is to be able to scan the QR codes of the patients in order to get their information. Then, once the test is done, they can, from the app, print the labels in the specific format for the samples. A little anecdote: in the context of the pandemic, we went on a treasure hunt to find airprint printers that matched the need for standardized medical labels and then proceeded to install WI-FI on site.

Functionality of the app

At Atipik, we saw this project as a real opportunity to participate in collective efforts in a complex situation. Ultimately, we expect more than 500,000 COVID tests to be performed in Geneva between November 2020 and June 2022.