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The fairmove mobile app to facilitate mobility in the workplace

Available on iOS and Android, fairmove enables travel planning and parking management for everyone.

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The fairmove mobile app to facilitate mobility in the workplace

In 2018, mobilidée called on us to advise and support them in the evolution of their mobile app. We took charge of maintenance and made improvements. Then, in 2022, the need for a complete overhaul was identified and shared with us. The app’s ergonomics were therefore redesigned to match the new services on offer.

A fresh start for the fairmove app

Several factors led to the decision to redesign the app. In particular, fairmove’s services became fully customizable and scalable for each company wishing to use it. We therefore had to find a solution that would enable the app to adapt to all the different scenarios without the user path becoming too complex. What’s more, fairmove customers also have access to a web platform. We therefore had to ensure that the mobile app was a continuation of this platform. A balance had to be struck to ensure that customer data was adapted for the web, but also corresponded to mobile codes.


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An optimized architecture for booking paths

In order to get off to a good start, the redesign of the app was also an opportunity for us to propose a new architecture for the app. The tree structure was restructured, as was the organization of the various sections. This allowed us to simplify the architecture while integrating the new services. In particular, the booking process, which varies according to the specific needs of each company, is a complex part of the app. This has been completely redesigned to limit the number of steps and ensure that users can book their parking space, carpool, office or any other service quickly.


In addition to parking spaces, new reservations are now possible for users (locker, office, etc.). Users can reserve them for the time and duration they wish. The steps are adapted to the user's choices and the customer's own specifications.

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Home screen

For the app's home screen, we opted for a dashboard, which displays upcoming bookings in calendar and list form. This is also where users can access all the functionalities they need, such as the reservation/cancellation button and access to messaging.


fairmove allows you to book or propose a carpooling trip at any time. As a driver, you can define your journey, the number of places available and the desired route. As a passenger, you can search for a carpool that's close to your home or workplace. A messaging system is accessible from the app to facilitate exchanges once the carpool has been booked.

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Atipik, as their name suggests, is not just another agency. They don't just deliver code. They put themselves in your shoes, in your users' shoes, to create the best possible version of your mobile app.

Michalis Product Manager, Mobilidée

Change management & continuous evolution

When an app is redesigned, change management is essential to help users adapt to the new features. With mobilidée, we set up communication tools to inform users of the various new features.

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Since the new version went live, we've been receiving feedback from users, enabling us to adapt and improve the app. All in all, the app will offer even greater scope for development, and new features are already in the pipeline!

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