logo Ylliam Ylliam Published on the 2nd October 2023

Ylliam gets a new logo for 2023 races

This is the logo redesign project for Ylliam, two competitive sailing teams. Ylliam entrusted us with the challenge of modernizing their existing logo to better represent their distinct identity and their two exceptional teams: Ylliam XII - Comptoir Immobilier led by Bertrand Demole and Ylliam 17 led by Julien Firmenich.

Logo Branding
Ylliam gets a new logo for 2023 races

Ylliam XII - Comptoir Immobilier

Under Bertrand Demole's ownership, Ylliam XII demonstrated its excellence by winning the prestigious Bol d'Or Mirabaud in 2019, while securing a solid second place overall. The Demole-led team aims for consistency and progression, which has translated into remarkable performances at recent championships.


Ylliam 17

Newcomer to the class Ylliam 17, led by Julien Firmenich, is a promising new team that has joined the class for the 2023 season. This ambitious team is gearing up for a major challenge, racing against seasoned teams that have been sailing together for several years.

TF35 Trophy

Both Ylliam teams took part in the prestigious TF35 Trophy, a unique annual championship combining sea and lake sailing across Europe. Previously reserved for the sailing elite, the TF35 Trophy now opens the doors of foiling to a wider range of sailors, thanks to the various flight assistance and boat control systems, enabling sailing enthusiasts to enjoy an unforgettable racing experience.


Logo redesign

For their participation in the various races scheduled for 2023, the Ylliam team wanted to breathe new life into its existing logo. The aim was to make it more legible and adapt it to each of the teams, while retaining their common identity. Our team of designers and creatives rose to the challenge with enthusiasm and creativity. We worked hand-in-hand with Ylliam to understand their vision, values and passion for sailing. Thanks to this close collaboration, we were able to design a tailor-made logo, perfectly suited to both teams, while reflecting their competitive spirit and quest for excellence.

Ylliam logo

The Atipik team was able to infuse our new logo with all the elements we had in mind, and the team is delighted with the result.

Julien Ylliam 17 boat owner