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We design beautiful sites and powerful mobile applications with a stunning user experience.
swiss app factory - since 2009 -
We develop attractive websites and powerful mobile applications iOS + Android, that offer a breathtaking user interface.
The most powerful we have created application. The features and capabilities of smartphones are operated at 100%.
Genève Aéroport (GVApp) Since three years, we develop the official app of Geneva Airport.
Discover the new version now.
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Splash, an app provided by ATIPIK all passionate Swiss aquatic sport. Applications are updates several times a day with a powerful API and a powerful administration interface.
Splash° For iOS and Android, the application for all fans of swimming, sailing and water sports.

The temperature of lakes and rivers in Switzerland, in real time.
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The application of radio's most popular App Store Swiss. Simple but effective, the number of downloads over a million.
SwissRadio Developed in our lab, SwissRadio, 2 million downloads, the most popular radio app in Switzerland. App Store Google Play
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We are Atipik, a swiss company, a close-knit team of creatives, designers and developers who work together to create attractive web and mobile solutions.

We could blow our own trumpets and make quite a song and dance. Instead, we’ve chosen to present our fundamentals. And they really are what set us apart :

We design our products from start to finish in our offices in Carouge, in the heart of Geneva. Closing our ears to the siren call of outsourcing is an integral part of our DNA and allows us to guarantee true “made in Switzerland” quality.

We develop and publish our own concepts and applications, to test their viability and learn as much as possible while doing them. This way we grow of field of expertise and avoid improvising in fields not familiar to us. This is a real benefit for our clients.

Focused on details, the user experience and the end product, our work is our passion. Or rather one of our passions, since the team also includes inveterate coffee experts, wine connoisseurs, gamers, as well as amateur photographers and sportsmen.


We develop iOS and Android application We develop powerful mobile applications on the major mobile operating systems.


Our creations are stunning websites. We design formidable websites. Powered by our own CMS (Twist), they all feature a personalised content management interface.


We are specialists in architecture, ergonomics and design. We take great pleasure in designing the small details that change everything. We’re proud of our interfaces and genuinely believe that you should try them for yourself.


Our advertising promotes your applications on different store. The indispensable step to guaranteeing the success of an application. We also help you to distribute your app, all over the world!

Our latest projects

Geneva Airport iPhone, iPad, Android
Version 2.0 of the official Geneva Airport application. A real success in Switzerland with more than 50,000 downloads in less than 48 hours.

Test the application now on iOS or Android.
Discover, too, how we built this application.
Splash° iPhone, Android
An application indicating the real-time temperature of rivers and lakes in Switzerland for all fans of water sports.

The application covers no fewer than 22 lakes and 55 rivers, all receiving data from 98 measurement stations located throughout Switzerland. It costs nothing to download, since the information is offered free of charge by ATIPIK.
Lazeur website
Players of Laser Games at last have a community platform! Book sessions, display real-time statistics and challenge players from all over the world. brings a new dimension to the game.

Bookings, payment and management are just some of the functions offered by this system designed by Atipik. Get playing!
Style Avenue website is the leading platform for the sale of second-hand clothes in Switzerland. Web surfers can discover great bargains and clear out their wardrobes.
We developed their website from top to bottom, together with an interface that amongst other things allows the daily updating of products, management of orders and the creation of discount vouchers.
SwissRadio iPhone, iPad, Android
Switzerland’s most popular radio application with more than 1,000,000 downloads.

Designed in our laboratory, the SwissRadio application is targeted at everyone who likes listening to radio. Simple, attractive and above all efficient, it allows you to transform your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone into a real radio, and will cost you nothing.
Rondo website
Rondo, a Geneva based firm specialising in strongboxes for private individuals and professionals, offers a range of products and services to secure your belongings.

Already an Atipik client, we recently gave their site a complete facelift: new design, new technical platform, and a custom-built administration interface for daily updating of the website.
L'École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne fait confiance à notre équipe pour le développement et la gestion de l'application Controlys.

Un outil de gestion opérationnel des différents bâtiments de l'EPFL.
Musiques en été 2013 Mobile website
Pour la troisième année le Département de la Culture de la Ville de Genève nous a confié la réalisation de la version mobile du site Musiques en été.

Le programme, les photos, les info, bref, tout le festival dans votre poche !
Heure Suisse iPad app
Découvrez le magazine mondialement connu HEURE SUISSE sur iPad.

Diaporamas, vidéos, 360° et géolocalisation rajouteront de l'interactivité à votre lecture.
Agora FILMS Website
Agora Films, distributeur indépendant de cinéma en Suisse (Les Petits Mouchoirs, Low Cost) nous mandate pour la conception de son nouveau site : moderne et épuré, il laisse place à l'information, fait pour les cinéphiles mais aussi,et surtout, pour les professionnels du cinéma Suisse.

They choose us, trust us, and they’re right.

The Geneva Airport application is a success for more than two years, its design and development were carried out in collaboration with teams from the airport. We work with the canton of Vaud in Lausanne, more precisely, in the context of developing an iPhone and Android. We have created an iPad app for the ETH Lausanne (EPFL) to manage these teams technic. We work with Firmenich to create an app for internal use. The canton of Geneva has used our experience in application development and web site. The application Léman Bleu can watch the live chain at any time. Many other features are also available. Our passions are many, even if the development of web and mobile solutions captivates us.

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Atipik in figures

Here’s the rundown.

We're only app enthusiasts, our passions are many. 6 cats owned by our staff
ATIPIK cares about the environment, our team much cycling.
non-motorised transport
As enthusiasts of new technologies, we have all the latest smartphones and tablets. 2,6 mobile devices per person
78 Our experience allows us to offer solutions for iPhone and Android incomparable cumulative years of experience in web and mobile solutions
lines of code
To create app for smartphone littered with innovative features, we need a lot of coffee. cups of coffee
facts apps alt 48 applications developed
downloads of our apps
Our designs are 100% Swiss certified. Our offices are located in the heart of Carouge Geneva. We are also working in the canton of Vaud, including Lausanne. Atipik remporte le Grand prix de la création 2013 pour l'application mobile iPhone, iPad et Android de Genève Aéroport. Atipik remporte le prix mobile du Meilleur du Web 2013 pour l'application iPhone, iPad et Android de Genève Aéroport.

atipik - swiss app factory

9 rue de la Gabelle
CH-1227 Carouge
Atipik remporte le prix mobile du Meilleur du Web 2013 pour l'application iPhone, iPad et Android de Genève Aéroport. Atipik remporte le Grand prix de la création 2013 pour l'application mobile iPhone, iPad et Android de Genève Aéroport. Our designs are 100% Swiss certified. Our offices are located in the heart of Carouge Geneva. We are also working in the canton of Vaud, including Lausanne.