Culture Published on the 25th November 2021

Atipik wins two Best of Web 2021 awards!

Atipik wins two Best of Web 2021 awards!

This year, Atipik participated to the 11th edition of the Best of the Web by presenting the Mona project developed for Vinci Airports. At the CUBES award night on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, we were selected in four of the ten shortlists (UX/I, Innovation, Technology and Mobile) and received two awards in the Technology and Mobile categories!

🎉 The Mona mobile app is therefore selected by the jurors as the best Technology and Mobile project of the year 2021 🎉

What the jurors think

#1 Technology category

In terms of technology, we were blown away by the project. We can see that they really used all the necessary technological blocks to bring real added value to users. That was impressive. We found this project both terrifying and exciting, which is why we wanted to give it this prize in the technology category.

Raphaël Rollier Data, Innovation, Product Manager @Swisstopo

#2 Mobile Category

Mona is a project that seduced us for several reasons:

  • its simplicity of use
  • notifications that are used relevantly, at the right time, for the users
  • the biometric profile that is used appropriately
  • the interface which is very intuitive and adapted for travel, before, during and after the flight.

Mehdi Radgohar Head of Information Technology @Watch Dreamer

A word from Yannick Durst, CEO of Atipik

The Mona experience is unparalleled in the airport world. Traveling without stress, in an extremely seamless manner so that the journey really begins as soon as the door to your home closes. Mona is a project that lasted more than a year and started just before the confinement, the project teams were dispersed in Paris, Lyon and Geneva, we had to work with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the CNIL and other authorities. This was a very special context for the design of an innovative and unprecedented solution, as it is the first mobile biometric solution in the world.

Could a similar project exist in Switzerland, from a security point of view?

At the legal level, the debate on the generalization of biometric recognition is in full swing and will become more and more important, decisions are expected in the coming months. Concerning security in terms of civil aviation, the answer is yes, the rules are harmonized between the different countries. In short, we could expect similar solutions on Swiss soil.


Digital Marketing Manager · CHO

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