Digital transformation

Customized multiplatform digital solution for the digitization of olfactory evaluations

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Replacing an aging and inefficient process with a custom digital solution was the challenge we took on with our client. From the development of the project team to the delivery of a tool used around the world by their business experts, this is how a multinational company in the industry sector adopts a digital solution.

Making it easier for experts around the world to collaborate

Our client had more than just one problem to solve: its experts around the world were each working on their own processes and on personal, non-collaborative tools. We needed to provide a single tool that would improve and standardize processes, while allowing for data collection to provide our client with a rapid decision-making tool for B-I projects.

Starting with a complex process and creating a simple digital tool

One of the main complexities of this project that we encountered is the fact that this business is only practiced by a few hundred people in the world. There are a multitude of rules and unlike an app for the general public, it is a matter of understanding the processes, habits and pain points experienced daily by employees. This then allows us to propose a solution that will be successfully adopted.

Change management

Another important aspect of this type of project is the adoption and support of change. We are bringing in a solution that is replacing pre-existing tools, but also simple paper. A presentation of this new work tool and the training of its future users is therefore an important step in the project.

Accessible, even without a connection

The world is connected today, but there are many situations where the internet connection is missing. For Facebook, this is not a real problem, but it is impossible to offer a solution to a collaborator that will not work on a plane, in the basement or in the most remote places on the planet. As a business, the solution must work in all cases.

A solution that is naturally cross-platform.

To manage the problem of lack of internet connection is a major challenge, impossible to only offer a solution based on web technologies, it is necessary to set up a native app, including a sophisticated system of data synchronization in order to allow a totally transparent and very fast use. We set up an iPad app with its counterpart for desktop use cases: a web app in the form of a Single Page App, based on the latest technologies and optimized for use on every continent.

Creating a complete project team

Developing a business tool that aims to replace existing solutions is a challenge, especially when it comes to bringing together users from all over the world, often from different cultures with their own habits.

From the very beginning of the project, we helped our client build its project team, establish a common language and vision of the future tool, and set up the roles and objectives of each person.

Cohesion between the client and the Atipik teams, for a unique solution

Given the unique business we had to propose a real innovation in terms of user experience, impossible to rely on known products, studies and best practices of the market, with such a challenge, a real collaboration between our UX&UI experts and the business experts was necessary to revolutionize their way of working.

Our end-user centric approach allowed a variety of profiles to fully participate in each phase of the project, from the first wireframes to the regularly scheduled user testing phases during frequent intermediate deliveries.

Tailored to the smallest detail

When we talk about bespoke, we're not just talking about custom development. We're talking about a unique market, with thousands of experts around the world. We had to use our imagination to design a totally innovative interface to speed up the time to enter and evaluate flavors and fragrances. Starting from paper and purely textual writing, we imagined a practical and ultra-fast multi-touch interface to capture the same set of information as before, in a digital way, quantifiable and reusable in various algorithms.

In technical terms, we develop our business apps with an obsession for performance, so we used advanced big data technologies to store and simply use pharaonic amounts of data.

Delivered and adopted

The app, delivered three years ago, evolves continuously via a product update cycle that is set like a Swiss watch. It has been adopted and is in daily use, being the main tool for experts around the world. Its valuable data is used in large-scale B-I projects, allowing our client to maintain its strategic edge in its field.