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A digital, pressure-free solution for keg rental

Development of a mobile and web solution to facilitate the management of Kegsman keg parks, the Swiss startup specializing in keg rental and cleaning.

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A digital, pressure-free solution for keg rental

Kegsman, a Swiss startup founded in 2021, offers keg cleaning, rental and repair solutions for breweries.

Their success has led to rapid growth, with no fewer than 15,000 kegs in their two warehouses (compared with 1,000 just 2 years ago). In order to improve their logistics, and with the aim of offering their customers better tracking of their kegs, Kegsman's founders wanted a tailor-made digital solution, so they approached Atipik.

Defining the vision with an interactive workshop

Even before the first design sketch and the first line of code, Kegsman came to meet us for a vision workshop. During this workshop, the aim was to define the vision and identify clear goals. This helped to align the project's stakeholders so that everyone was aware of what was at stake and what was expected of the solutions to be designed.

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Locate & Manage Keg Parks

The internal management tool is a web administration platform that plays a major role in facilitating operations for Kegsman. The solution is designed to meet organizational needs in keg management. The export option allows for tracking the history of each keg as well as its current location. Essential information is now accessible and centralized. Regarding stock management, the number of clean and available kegs is quickly accessible, as is the number of kegs in the possession of clients. This greatly facilitates organization and forecasting.

Depending on pricing conditions, prices can be adapted and adjusted. Then, the automation of invoice generation is a major advantage of the platform. Thanks to the meticulous tracking of keg movements by client, invoices are now automatically generated. A significant time saver for recurring administrative tasks.

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Is There a Brewer in the House?

The collaboration between Kegsman and our team was significantly enhanced by the presence of two developers who are also brewers within our team! This internal closeness with a real user greatly aided in the validation and adaptation of the wireframes and designs. Both the administration interface and the mobile application now serve as a foundation for Kegsman's ambitions in fully digitalizing their services and processes.

The Kegsman Mobile App

Kegsman mobile application used by a user

The primary feature of the mobile application is the keg scanning. Indeed, all Kegsman kegs are equipped with a QR code that allows for their identification. Useful for the Kegsman teams, but also for brewers, the application thus enables the scanning of kegs to know their status. The Kegsman teams have the ability to update kegs to inform their clients about their current state. A comment addition feature allows brewers to add any information they choose regarding the Kegsman kegs they have rented.

We were fully satisfied with our collaboration with Atipik. Their team showed a great capacity for adaptation, ensuring that our application remains relevant and functional despite constant changes.

Simon Co-founder, Kegsman

Our Collaboration with Kegsman Doesn't Just Stop at Deploying Innovative Digital Solutions, It Marks the Beginning of an Evolving Journey to Support Their Rapid Expansion.

By working closely with Kegsman, we guide them through each step, addressing performance and scalability challenges. Our goal? To ensure that every technological evolution supports their growth and opens new paths to excellence.

This approach is manifested through regular updates, aimed at achieving a perfect alignment with the needs of our users. Recently, we expanded the reach of the application and web platform by translating them into five languages, thus marking our commitment towards mutual growth and continuous improvement. Stay connected to discover together the next steps of this evolution. 🚀