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Medigo : Redesign of the Urgences Vaud App

Medigo provides information on the waiting times at emergency medical centers in the Canton of Vaud. Find emergency services near you that can offer you quick care!

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Medigo : Redesign of the Urgences Vaud App

Informing patients in real-time about the traffic of emergency medical centers with an enhanced user experience.

With no less than 39K downloads since 2021, Medigo positions itself as the essential app for patients of emergency centers in the Canton of Vaud. Indeed, it offers a crucial indicator for people looking to visit emergency services close to their home, offering quick care.

Medigo App

The Logo Redesign

Featuring warm colors and rounded shapes, the new logo aims to be more modern and, above all, comforting. The goal of the redesign was to retain the existing visual markers, while adding a softer touch. The three shapes that make it up represent the M of Medigo, just like the three levels of affluence that a center can have.

An Intuitive Interface in Case of Emergency

Medigo's interface ensures an optimized user experience, free of superfluous functionalities. Simple and efficient, it allows users to quickly find essential information in case of a medical emergency. Every detail has been carefully considered to guarantee intuitive navigation, offering a quick solution when every second counts. With Medigo, access to medical centers is simplified, precisely meeting the urgent needs of users.

The Medigo mobile app

Finding the Most Suitable Center

The 6 available specialties allow for a quick display of the type of center being searched for. The list of centers shown enables direct identification of the nearest center or the center with the least traffic. To facilitate the choice, the Medigo algorithm recommends the most relevant center as the top search result.

Phone in hand, searching for a center
Phone in hand, detailed center search

Emergency Centers in Detail

Each center has its own detailed file. Accessible from the list of centers, it provides potential patients with essential information, such as:
- the various travel times depending on the mode of transportation,
- an overview of the center,
- the available medical specialties.

Helpful Resources

To provide supportive or informative elements to patients, a resource section has been added to the application. Here, users can access short articles that, for example, help to better understand the operation of medical centers or offer advice on the reflexes to adopt before going to the emergency room.

Phone in hand, seeking assistance

The launch of Medigo

The Medigo Website

Atipik took charge, following the mobile application, of the design and development of the medigo.ch website. The website aims to enhance and present the Medigo application. Secondly, the site seeks to inform centers, which would like to be listed on the application, of the benefits that Medigo offers.

Medigo website

Meta Launch Campaign for the App

At the launch of the new version of Medigo, our goal was simple: to make this application a recognized name throughout the Canton of Vaud. To this end, we deployed an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the new identity and innovative features of Medigo. In just three weeks, our campaign reached a remarkable audience, enhancing Medigo's visibility in the digital landscape of Vaud. This extensive coverage greatly contributed to positioning the application as a must-have choice, placing it in the top 10 Medicine apps on the App Store.

The results since the launch of Medigo in November 2023:

12,4 k


140 k


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Download the Medigo App!

Discover the Urgences Vaud by Medigo app and find the nearest emergency center to you. Compare waiting times to make the best choice.