A new logo and a complete redesign of the Rondo Coffres-forts website

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Since 2008, Olivier Redard, CEO of Coffres-forts Rondo, has accelerated the digitalization of his company and its products. The safes are now equipped with electronic locks and the website has been redesigned. The feature that makes all the difference is the Rondo selector. Because you can't buy a safe or an armored door on a whim, the selector was developed to offer the best products for the specific needs of the customers.

Coffres-forts Rondo, a family business.

The family business Rondo offers safes, security doors, security cabinets and many other high-quality security products. An expertise that does not date from yesterday, for 70 years, Rondo offers security solutions for both individuals and professionals. In a move towards digitalization and to bring modernity to the company, the majority of Rondo safes are now equipped with electronic locks.

Enhancing the appeal of specific and technical products

One of the problems with this website redesign project was the product itself: the safes. These are not products with a high aesthetic value that are, in fact, easy to promote. They are also products that have many technical characteristics: European standards to respect, multitudes of levels of protection... People who want to buy safes are generally novices and non-experts on the subject.

We have therefore combined an attractive presentation of the products for which the quality of protection takes precedence over aesthetics, with close customer support. This combination allows the customer to know, from the site, the model of safe that suits his needs exactly, despite the technical complexity of the products. Once the model is found, the customer then contacts the RONDO company. This is an essential step outside the web to finalize the sale of these complex products with multiple technical characteristics.

A new identity and a new website

Redesign of the Rondo logo

In terms of design challenge, even if it means revising the website which was nearly 10 years old, we felt that this project was also an opportunity to review the graphic charter and logo of the client. This was a very important point as a logo coupled with a well thought out and efficient website gives the impression of a modern and professional company to visitors.

For the logo, the use of geometric shapes allows for a typographic game using the "R" of Rondo with, inside, the closing mechanism of the historic Rondo safe!

The visual identity and logo that were chosen express confidence, rigor, discretion and sobriety.

Design for safes

Another design challenge was to create a world around the Rondo company. As previously mentioned, the product itself is not the most aesthetic and it is not the essential component for the potential future buyer. We therefore created an identity and a visual atmosphere that embodies the seriousness and confidence that customers can have in the company Rondo in protecting their values. The use of atmospheric images of safes or safe opening mechanisms on a dark and light background with red graphic elements from the RONDO logo also creates a rigorous and serious atmosphere. Finally, safes are also being modernized with electronic locking systems. It was therefore important to reflect this modernity linked to the evolution of the sector itself.

The Rondo selector, to guide customers

What is a selector?

A selector is a module of different stages where the user must answer specific questions in order to recommend the ideal product according to his answers, while also obtaining information on price, technical details such as the available heights of the product, etc.

The selector was a technical challenge, but its presence was essential for the success of the new site. A whole selection path with product characteristics was set up so that the user could, at the end of the path, visualize the ideal product for his need. It adapts to all the steps according to the customer's choice at the previous step. There are special cases: for example, in some stages, once the user has made his choice, he can be redirected directly to the search result page.

In order to support the visitors of the site and to make complex products easier to understand, this tool facilitates their search for a security solution. From a competitive point of view, it is now a considerable advantage to stand out from the other players in the Swiss market who have a website.

I had been wanting to provide a digital solution to my customers for a while. Our products are numerous and specific, to be able to filter with precise criteria and find THE product that corresponds, it's simply magnificent. The result is beautiful, functional and easy to maintain for the Rondo team! 
Olivier Redard, CEO of Rondo

To build this selector, we put ourselves in the mind of a user.

By asking ourselves what elements a future buyer takes into account when buying a safe, we defined the steps of the selector in the form of questions: what types of assets does he want to protect? Does he need fire protection? Depending on the answers chosen, the whole process of the selector is adapted until the results are displayed.

To go beyond simple questions asked to the customer, work has been done to make the interface pleasant, thus offering a fluid, pleasant and even playful experience.


Results that speak for themselves with a positive impact on sales!

Comparing the data from September 2021 to last year, there are some nice developments. The number of visitors to the site has increased by 130%, which testifies to the popularity of the new website. It should be noted that in parallel to the launch of the website, a whole digital marketing campaign was put in place, which allowed :

  • an SEO work on the website with a positioning on certain keywords and a content strategy via the Blog section,
  • an SEA strategy implementation with Google Ads campaigns.

Thanks to the efficient structure of the new site, with pages with high value content for the site visitors, the number of page views has increased by 62%.

The most visited page is unsurprisingly the "Selector" page, which alone makes up more than a third of the visits. This means that there is a real need for the user to be guided in the choice of his protection. Finally, the number of requests received from the contact page has doubled with the new site, which allows Rondo teams to convert more prospects into customers!