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A tailor-made website for the Swiss TV & radio sponsorship specialist

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Atipik has been chosen for the design and development of the RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring website. Within the framework of this mandate, we worked in collaboration with the Trio agency, a communication agency based in Lausanne, whose role was to ensure the following communication elements: text and video content of the homepage.

RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring

RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring is an entity whose mission is to commercialize sponsoring services on the TV and radio media of the four SRG business units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF). These services, which it wishes to promote through this new website, are aimed at national and international B2B clients, including companies, associations, federations, foundations, SMEs, start-ups, events and entities wishing to increase their visibility. Also, among the potential customers, we count media, creative or advertising agencies that are hired by the customers.

The new website has three main goals

In order to be able to market sponsoring services on TV and Radio media in all the different regions of Switzerland (French, Italian, German and Romansh) RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring entrusted us with the mission of designing their new website. This website has for purpose to showcase the communication offers on the different media channels RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF. At the beginning of the project, the client shared with us three main goals that we had to take into account and respect throughout our collaboration.

Goal #1: To improve awareness of the Sponsoring offer.

With this new website, the challenge is to bring traffic to the different key pages in order to increase awareness of the solutions that are offered. In order to do so, we guide visitors from the home page to the various sponsoring solutions offered for the two traditional communication channels, TV and Radio. In the main navigation menu, a dedicated entry allows to find all the sponsoring options straight away.


Goal #2: Highlight suggested media and channels

RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring has a wide range of media, channels and brands that we had to promote on the website. This diversity allows to provide prospects with a variety of audiences of different sizes that will meet their needs.

For example, TV reaches about 60% of the Swiss population every day. The Swiss watch an average of 127 minutes of TV daily and more than 54% of the population watches TV on various screens (TV, computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone...).

The "TV Sponsoring" solution and the channels that offer this solution had to be highlighted on the website so that prospects associate this solution with an opportunity to enhance their brand! In the same way, it is important to put the channels and the programs available so that the customer can find common values with his own as well as the potential audience.


Goal #3: Generate contacts and obtain qualified leads

In addition to presenting sponsorship services, the website must serve as an intermediary between prospects and the sales team. To do so, a contact form is available to visitors. This form allows the sales team to receive new requests and to then provide information to potential customers. In addition, on each of the solution pages, dedicated specialists are presented as reference contacts.


A new website that combines appeal, trust and credibility

The design of this website is the result of a carefully thought-out process based on a strategy that aims to create a relationship of trust between website visitors and the company.

A unique design that matches the identity of SRG SSR's Enterprise Units

As soon as visitors arrive on a website, they make their own judgments. The first moments of navigation are the most important. That's why the choice of design and colors was particularly important. Visitors should be able to recognize the identity of RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring, an identity that is already well established and known to future customers and that inspires a high level of trust. But as a company in its own right, RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring must stand out, especially in terms of color. This is why, in contrast to the majority of other websites in the group, we have chosen a lighter and brighter rendering as well as a gradient for the color red, the emblematic color of the RSI, RTR, RTS and SRF websites. Finally, we selected images with bright colors to echo the dynamic visual identity of RTS and the other Enterprise Units.



The collaboration with Atipik on this national project was fruitful. The team listened to our expectations and was sensitive to regional requirements, and was able to meet the specifications with fluidity and respect for deadlines. Déborah P., Sponsoring Communication Manager

Powerful images

The content, whether written or visual, has an important place in the creation of a website. Our design team paid particular attention to the choice of visuals, which illustrate :

  • The geographical and regional aspect with a video on the homepage that highlights the different linguistic regions of Switzerland as well as the business units.
  • The solutions of RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring with images that inspire emotion and stimulate the curiosity of visitors.
  • The focus is on the people within the company, with photos of the employees on the Solutions pages and on the Our Team page. The presence of their faces allows prospects to be reassured and to give a positive image of the company.

A website that is available on all media

Making a website responsive and available on multiple devices is no longer an option. The whole website has been created to adapt to different types of navigation. The menu, on mobile, for example, is different from the one on the web version. The other pages are also adapted to make the navigation pleasant for web, mobile or tablet visitors.

Autonomy on the website content

It is no secret that it is essential for any website to have regular content updates. Google is very sensitive to the publication of new pages on websites. It will consider the changes of the website as a proof of quality and will not hesitate to raise these new pages higher in the search results. To enable the customer to meet this need, it was essential to provide him with an administrator console. The customer has the ability to publish news and update previous publications. He can insert media in these news articles, include the channels concerned by the news article or assign a category to it. The same applies to the presentation of sponsorable programs in each of the RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring channels.

Design was the main lever that allowed us to help our client achieve its goals. It allows us to attract and accompany visitors, so that they find the information that will make them want to contact RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring. Today, the RSI RTR RTS SRF Sponsoring website harmoniously complements the other websites of the group. Within the first few weeks after going online, the first contacts via the form were recorded!