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The mobile app Opinions gives employees a voice

Creating a new social network is the challenge that Opinion had to take up! The idea is to shake up the habits to finally give a voice to the employees of companies in all transparency and security.

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The mobile app Opinions gives employees a voice

Lack of transparency in the workplace

The business world often lacks transparency, and employees don't always have the opportunity to speak clearly and freely about what they think. For managers and executives, getting honest feedback from employees is not always easy. Yet this information can be extremely important, especially when it comes to workplace happiness, team problems or even harassment issues in the workplace. Similarly, when looking for a job, it can be difficult to find information about a company. However, it is interesting to be able to project yourself, to have an idea of the company's values, the general atmosphere, etc.

Use of the app

Create a social network, accessible to all, anonymous, that gives voice to employees to get honest and transparent answers about companies.

Offer a free and secure digital space for all

In order to guarantee the transparency of responses, the most important thing is to protect everyone's speech and to guarantee the anonymity of users at all times. We have therefore provided a solution for users to register and interact while remaining anonymous. The user simply chooses a pseudonym, no personal data, not even the email address, are collected. Moderation of questions and answers is also an essential feature to avoid any abuse or deviation (hate, harassment, racism, etc.). The app must remain a safe place where everyone can feel free to answer questions openly. For Opinions, the final challenge is to make a place for itself among the many social networks already existing in the field!


Opinions mobile app

An innovative service, appreciated by users

The choice to create a mobile app was an obvious one for the project, as most social networks are available on mobile. Regarding the design choices, it was important to create a climate of trust so that everyone feels free to express themselves without any censorship. Our UX & UI experts therefore selected bright colors, rounded shapes, for a rendering that is modern and reassuring. The registration, the creation of questions, the answers, everything has been thought so that the app is as intuitive and fluid as possible. Once registered, the anonymous user can subscribe and follow the companies of his choice, ask questions or add his answers. The options and functionalities proposed are those that are essential in order not to overload the navigation. The button to create a question, being the main action, is accessible anywhere at any time in the app.

Ask a question to a company

With one click, using a button accessible from anywhere in the app, the user can add a question. The first step is to choose the mood of the question (doubt, accomplice, angry, love, cry of laughter, etc.), then the user chooses the company to which he wants to ask the question. Then they select the type of question (multiple choice, images, note) to add the content and define if the question will be public or only accessible to the company's employees. Other anonymous users can then answer the question.

App functionality
App functionality


The “moods” are represented by small bubbles of personified conversations. It is a strong element of the app's identity that illustrates free speech, dialogue and emotions. Each mood corresponds to a feeling, a sensation, such as anger, love or doubt. They are used at different places in the app, for example when creating a question or reacting to a question. Visually, this allows to quickly see the mood of a company, we can directly see which emotions are the most used by the employees.

Opinions questions

From the question creation button or from the Feed, Opinions regularly adds generic questions that all companies and users can answer or react to. The idea is to propose global questions on management, current issues, organization or even business management. A useful feature for companies or users who lack inspiration. From the “results” tab you can see the global result, all companies included, but also the detail by company.


The result is fresh, sparkling and colorful, Opinions finally gives employees a voice, all anonymously and safely, without filters and without the risk of retaliation. Everyone wins in the end and companies can, with the help of Opinions, quickly identify problems, areas for improvement or shortcomings within their teams!

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