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The UNIGE app revolutionizes the daily life of Swiss students

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With a campus covering the entire city of Geneva, more than 17,000 students, over 552 courses and more than 6,600 employees, the University of Geneva identified a real need to simplify the communication of essential information. In order to provide quick access to room locations, building opening hours, course dates, and so much other information, the idea of developing a mobile app took shape. This is when the UNIGE approached Atipik in order to realize their vision and offer UNISearch to students and collaborators.

The University of Geneva, a great lady founded in 1559

Founded in 1559 by Jean Calvin and recognized as one of the 60 best universities in the world, the University of Geneva is the second largest university in Switzerland with 17'000 students and 4'000 employees.

The use of technological solutions is found in all sectors of activity of the University, and new needs regularly arise in order to respond to the problems of students as well as those of teachers and employees.

The goal: to offer a digital tool that meets the actual needs of UNIGE students

To offer a mobile app that is useful in the context of student life. The main difficulty was not to say yes to everything but to make the right choices. We accompanied the communication and IT teams in a series of workshops highlighting the negative points of the student experience, and then we imagined the features that would solve the majority of the pain points.

A challenge: integrating a new app into an already complex information system

Not to create an independent solution

As you can imagine, a university's information system is complex, bound by time and budget constraints or simply by the need for continuity: nothing can stop, every year is a new year and everything must work perfectly. You can't tell a student that they won't be promoted because a computer system didn't work. So even though the mobile app is not considered a critical part of the ecosystem, we believed in the need to integrate the app seamlessly with the existing system. ORACLE databases, SOAP API, Rest and so on, everything has been done in the smallest details so that the app works by itself, without any particular update, day after day, year after year.

The first brick of a mobile ecosystem

Our creative and strategic teams had a twofold objective when starting the design of the UNIGE Mobile app. The first was to design a relevant tool that simplifies the lives of students, visitors and collaborators. The second was to allow the app to evolve and offer innovative services with a mobile strategy adapted to the unique environment of the University of Geneva, its urban campus and its 12 faculties.

From the very first discussions with the Atipik team we knew that our project was in good hands. The various meetings organized at the beginning of the collaboration allowed us to identify needs or features that we would never have thought of! Today we are proud to see that our students use and appreciate the mobile app every day! 

Omar B. - Project Manager

Spreading our Agile culture within a university organization

We love working with the University, because no company in the world is like a university organization.With a fierce desire to learn, to pass on knowledge and to make a difference, the internal teams have been able to accompany us and adapt to our methodologies, opening all the doors necessary for the creation of a practical and essential tool.

The UNIGE mobile app for all situations, a solution!

The Dashboard, powerful and customizable

The University of Geneva hosts a wide variety of profiles and habits. It was obvious to us that the app should be able to adapt to the users and not the other way around. That's why we designed the Dashboard, the practical, scalable and fully customizable home screen. Moving between buildings is simplified with the TPG Widget, the daily menus of all the cafeterias are accessible in a few seconds and missing a conference or an event is no longer an option with the Event Widget.


UniSearch, much more than a search engine

A centralized search engine based on powerful Natural Language Searches technologies. Available from any screen of the app, UNISearch centralizes in one place the most diverse information on a professor or advisor's contact, the location of rooms or auditoriums, libraries, buildings or events.

Ask a question as if you were talking to a friend, UNISearch finds the answer.


Geolocation of buildings, Indoor and Outdoor

One of the particularities of the University of Geneva is its urban campus. Spread throughout the city, it has nearly 50 different buildings, thousands of rooms, offices, laboratories and auditoriums. UNIGE Mobile makes it possible to find the building, the floor and the location of the room in the blink of an eye. This makes finding room U364 a breeze. We have implemented a building mapping solution coupled with a sophisticated location engine that allows you to find a room or an auditorium in a few seconds.


Grades, exam dates, certificates

Students connect to the intranet to retrieve semester-by-semester exam grades, course certificates or the dates of upcoming exams directly via the app, all updated in real time.



Find all the libraries of all faculties, opening hours, addresses and equipment available. Check in real time the occupancy rate of all university libraries in the canton.


The open-mindedness, flexibility and above all the transparency of Atipik's staff was a fabulous asset for us. The university environment loves to challenge, so I can tell you that with Atipik, we have been spoiled. 
Jacques E. - Web and mobile communication department

A success, right from the start!

The app is a success, downloaded more than 16'000 times during the first months of its existence, it is praised by students through various internal surveys. Frequent updates allow for the addition of unique features such as library availability or room location in new buildings.